Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What Month is This?

I had one girl who decided she needed to sing Jingle Bells on the way home. She got quite upset when everyone told her she couldn't sing Christmas songs until after Thanksgiving. One of the local radio stations is already playing carols 24/7.

The grand-kids have started making their Christmas wish lists. That's my fault but I really need to get started shopping. They have no concept of $$$$. Hopefully Santa has some because everything they want is more than I've budgeted. I'm looking for a tree that will fit in the tiny space that I have. I'll probably go another year with my Charlie Brown tree.

The boys parent-teacher conferences were both today. Angie went to Alex's and BJ went to Mike's. They are both doing well, at grade level or above. Mike is reading at 4th grade level so his B+ is fine. He has finally learned to add left to right so his math grade is improved. He's still having a problem with talking too much. I wonder who he gets that from?

Twig got 5 shots today at his six month checkup. Bean says he is doing fine. He's up to 17lbs and 30 inches!

I'm not sure I'm ready to switch over to the new version of blogger. When I first logged in I wasn't sure I had a choice. I haven't been totally happy with my beta test blog. I think I my have mentioned that I DON'T LIKE CHANGE! I guess I'll wait a bit and see how it goes for those willing to be first. I've been lax in backing things up so I'll work on that.


  1. Hi Apple...thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment:-) I love "meeting" new people!! I've just been reading some of your posts and I thoroughly enjoyed them...I dabble a bit in geneology and love finding out whatever I can about my ancestors. I'm forever picking my mom's brain for information! lol Like you, I'm not in any hurry to change to Beta Blogger..I've heard too many horror stories about it. Yesterday I thought they weren't giving me a choice but then I noticed I still didn't have to switch..whew! lol Take care....humming Jingle Bells! hehe

  2. Sheeesh! Beta Blogger??!! I 'd like to see them get this blogger right! I tried to post comments all day, yesterday and ended up never even posting on mine! Forget about the new one, get this one worked out!!