Friday, November 17, 2006

Was That the Sun?

There were a couple of patches of blue and a brief glimpse on the sun this morning before the clouds filled back in and the rain started coming down again. I'm lucky I live on a hill. I ran over to Bean's today for a few minutes and the river is very high but thankfully not ready to flood into her yard. Her sump pump is running; hopefully it won't burn out.

Folks south and east of us haven't recovered from the flooding earlier this year yet and now they're getting more. Rivers and streams across the state are at or near flood stage. We're headed to Sandy Pond tomorrow so we'll see how folks are doing on Lake Ontario.

The elementary and middle school had a half day today. Short day for them = long day for me. I only had one kid that no one was home for and his brother showed up just as I was calling in that I'd be taking one back to school. I made the older boy promise that he be there on time next week - half days on Mon & Tues too. I had a few kids that I rarely see and several of my regulars were MIA as their parents made special babysitting arrangements for the day. The high school was on a regular schedule so we doubled up and I took home my kids and those on a nearby route.

I was feeling brave so I switched to the new blogger. It's slightly different than my beta blog. So far so good. I may go back and add labels to some of my old posts.

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