Saturday, December 30, 2006

Happy Blog-iversary

A year ago I started blogging. This isn't going to be a retrospective, everything is in the archives. (OK, I deleted one post. I like my job and want to keep it!)

I now write for four blogs, the other three being; my genealogy blog, Apple's Tree, a private, family team blog; and The SBTTOC blog, another team effort. Who would have thought? Will a garden blog sprout in the spring?

I find myself having blog envy. I spent a good amount of time recently learning a little html so that my pictures finally fit, I can create buttons and turn a picture into a link. But I still haven't learned how to add cool backgrounds or my own personal header or where to find all of the neat graphics so many of you have.

I find myself taking my camera everywhere. The other day I took pictures of pictures in a picture frame so I could write about it. John just looked at me like I'd finally totally lost it.

I get very frustrated when I can't seem to write. This happens most often with my genealogy.

I keep a notebook at work where I jot down thoughts.

John often has to wait for me to read just one more post!

I spend a lot of time thinking about people that I've never met but consider friends.

Yup, I'm Addicted to Blogging!


  1. Congratulations on your 1 year in blogityville! :D
    Another blogging friend of mine just celebrated hers, as well...and I recently hit my 100th post.
    (To think I never heard the word blog a year or so ago!)
    Sounds like you have a lot of blogs with all of your interests! That is great! :D

  2. C-
    I emailed you, I hope it helps, you need to go easier on yourself! Your blog is beautiful! We all need each other and I will help you figure it out!!
    *I always wondered how that episode worked out for you, when you had a conversation with someone that made you mad!!**

  3. Oh, I can so relate!! :) Especially to the 4th paragraph. I took a picture of a picture of the little boys while we were visiting last weekend. My DIL thinks I'm nuts :) (she's probably right).
    I should write down thoughts more often. I think of things I want to write about often when I'm lying in bed. It's a little difficult to write at that particular time :)
    I too spend a lot of time thinking about people who I've never met, but consider friends. Funny, isn't it, this world of blogging? I love it! Yep, I'm addicted too.