Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I Love Surprises!

What do you get for the parents that have everything? Our kids got us this very cool picture frame. The card from my camera slides right into the back and it plays a slide show of all the images on the card.

Of course like most electronic things sold today, it came with very minimal instructions. I am not a techie - I need things spelled out for me. It turns out it really is quite easy to use but I was quite disappointed when I realized that you couldn't add pictures, it will only show what is already on the card. ;-(
I could take more pictures on that card but I couldn't add any from my files.

But wait! I looked around online and found that they sell these little reader/writer thingies. They also sell cards that hold a ton of pictures. My Mom had given me a very nice check for my birthday so I got the writer and card. They came today. The writer downloaded pictures to my computer without my having to do anything but there were NO instructions as to how to get pictures onto the card!!!! Yah, I know, I'm an idiot. Right click, send to. I'm not sure how many pictures I downloaded but every time I look up there is a new picture to see. How cool is that!?


  1. Very nice present! You must've been a very good girl!

  2. Apple,
    Making that background was hard!! If you want me to spell it out, email me from your outbox and I will give it to you, step by step, OK?
    That way, you can switch it out anytime you want!