Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Is it Really the End of December?

We had a green Christmas this year and since I hate snow, I'm not complaining. But it certainly didn't seem like Christmas here. We'd had our family party on my birthday, so there was no last minute running around, no last minute cooking, no last minute anything.

We had a nice quiet day. I cooked a pork roast which was way too big for the two of us so we have lots of left overs. Santa must read my other blog because there was a copy of The Master Genealogist under the tree for me! Now I have to back everything up so I can install it. John got me a T-Fal saute' pan that I wanted, too!


  1. Did I miss your birthday Apple? If so, I'm wishing you a very happy belated birthday now! Sounds like you had a nice quiet Christmas Day with your dear hubby. Now it's time to relax. Enjoy a little quiet time! I'm glad Santa brought what you wanted :)
    I'm not missing the snow either. But more rain!!! Good grief!

  2. A green Christmas means a White Easter...ugh!!