Monday, January 15, 2007

Ending the Mystery

Sissy was wondering today what I look like. I used my baby picture because I wish to remain semi-anonymous, at least until someone from work stumbles by. Since I post pictures of my kids and grandkids I guess there really is no reason not to post my own picture, everyone at work knows Nikki and has seen pictures of the rest of the crew.

The thing is there are very few pictures of me, I'm the one with the camera. I was able to crop myself out of this picture taken in Oct 2004. I was a huge Survivor fan a couple of years ago. CBS lost me this last reason.


  1. Awwww Apple, what a very nice pleasure to see what you look like:-) I think I got Sissy onto this, wanting to know what everyone looks like! lol And with Rupert no less! I used to be a big Survivor fan too but this last season I just couldn't get into it at all. Hugs xox

  2. Hello, Apple!! Nice to "see" you!!
    People don't look anything like I thought they would!!
    Same with me about the pics, though!

  3. How nice to see you Apple! I'm not a Survivor fan, so I'm a bit clueless. I gather Rupert must be a Survivor star? Do you mean you pasted yourself into the picture?
    You did a great job with the bedroom. What an improvement!
    We didn't get a lot of ice here, though just a little north of us they were without power.
    It's freezing here tonight! Finally feels like January!!! I remember now how much I dislike cold weather!
    I love that sugar bowl. Nice seeing your treasures.
    Hope you stay warm.....and safe on the roads.