Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bedroom Before and After

We had no idea why the bottom of the window was duct taped. You can see how dirty the walls were.
This is the same window. Quite a mess!
We took down the chair rail. There was wallpaper over the original trailer board that had been painted. Some of it had to be removed and some wouldn't come off.
Painting the bottom of the wall chocolate hid a lot of rough spots. I was pleased with the rich effect Jae got combining the chocolate color and the wheat color from the living room with the wall magic roller. She doesn't add glaze or anything to the paint which creates a different effect than I got in the bathroom.
This is the same window from the top picture. We put the chair rail back up after much sanding and painting. Then we added trim around the window. The floor had to be sealed before we could have the carpet put in.

I think the room came out masculine enough for John and elegant enough for me.
If you are interested in what we did to the living room and main bath click on the house label below.


  1. Looks comfy and cozy! My husband and I go through the same thing when rearranging and decorating... Is it masculine enough for him? And can you clearly see the woman's touch present? You've done an excellent job on the bedroom. Now, come do mine please! Hee hee!

  2. It looks absolutely stunning! I wish I had the courage to go that dark!!

  3. Wow what a difference! All that work paid off because now it looks just beautiful!! I love the colours and as you said, masculine yet elegant:-)Very nicely done!! Hugs xox

  4. looks great! and i feel your pain regarding wallpaper. we moved into a house where every room was covered in it. evil stuff!