Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Pencil's in the Freezer

The sunset tonight was pretty. The sun hit the clouds just right as I was driving home. The pictures really didn't capture it as well as I would have liked. The clouds moving in are lake effect. Lake Ontario is still warm so we'll pay for the warm weather we've had. We knew it couldn't last but I was enjoying not having snow.

This is what the radar looked like a little after 6 o'clock. I live in the yellow band. Farther north they dealt with the snow all day and the band is moving south now. They expect it to move as far south as Syracuse. They're saying we'll get 2-3" an hour and maybe thunder snow, with a total 18" predicted for us and about half that in Syracuse by noon tomorrow. I hate delays and I really wouldn't mind having the day off. So I put a pencil in the freezer. Hey, it worked last time!

ETA: By 6:30 we had a couple of inches and the grass was completely covered.

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  1. If we get an inch or so of snow here in the UK all the schools go into panic mode and close! (Not that we get much, mind you).