Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Storm that Wasn't

The forecasters certainly were wrong about the amount of snow we'd get. It must have stopped here about the time I went to bed because when I got up we still only had about six inches. A foot short of predictions.

They got 8-9" at work. The guys had brushed off most of the snow for us. Yesterday they got my transmission rebuilt! They're the best! There was an accident on the way to work so I ran a little late all morning.

I took the nursery school down to the MOST (a hands on science museum in Syracuse.) The weather got worse the further we drove. I ended up following plows most of the way so it was a slow but safe trip. On the way back the snow had let up but I had to fight the wind all the way back.

I still have my afternoon routes to do and then the grandkids will be here for dinner.

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  1. You are so brave!! Do they teach you to drive in the snow? With all those kids?