Monday, January 29, 2007

Weather Update

I was called in a half an hour early today because of the snow. It was sunny here, still looking like the pictures I took this morning. Half way to work I hit the snow. The driving on my route wasn't bad, just very slow. I did have trouble with both of my turn-arounds; neither had been plowed. When it's coming down at 5" per hour even our plow guys can't keep up and they're the best.

The prediction that the snow would stay south went out the window. The drive home was a nightmare. Two long sections of the drive had cars traveling at 15 mph or less.

John is out clearing the driveway now so it doesn't get too deep to get through. Since 3:00 we've gotten over a foot and it's still coming down. We'll set the alarm for 4:30 so he can go out and do it again.

1 comment:

  1. You mean the weatherman was wrong again??? hehe Ugh, so sorry to hear that storm afftected you guys too...that is an awful lot of snow! Hopefully you won't get too much more! Hugs xox