Monday, January 29, 2007

Love - Hate Relationship

I still hate it but it certainly was beautiful to look at today. Driving was not pleasant early. There is a lake effect warning for this afternoon into tomorrow and if the forecast holds, the worst of it should stay south of us, near the county line. I'm expecting a delay in the morning.


  1. I agree with you, it does look beautiful, especially after a fresh snowfall! You really got some great shots!! It's "stupid" cold here this morning...-29F!!! No wonder I feel like hibernating! lol Stay safe and hope you don't get that storm!

  2. Very beautiful! Wonderful photos :) I love the snow, but we don't get much of it here.

  3. Those are spectacular photos! Love them! (But yes, if I had to drive in it all, it might be a love\hate thing for me, too!)
    Have a good week, Apple! :)

  4. Oh those photos are beautiful! Great job with the camera! I love to look at it too, but hate driving in it.
    Ross was watching the weather last night and told me your area was supposed to get really dumped on. Did you end up with a snow day? Goodness, 5" an hour! That's a lot of snow in a short time!
    We only got a few inches. The sun shining on the snow this morning was enough to make me get out there with the camera!!
    At the library yesterday the ladies told me the school kids wear their PJ's inside out to bring on a snow day. It didn't work this time for our school! :)