Sunday, January 28, 2007

Zone Change

The National Arbor Day Foundation's new zone map clearly shows that I've moved to zone 6 (at the edge of zone 5) and Country Girl is now zone 5! Do I dare believe it?

This was in my mail box the other day. Almost all of the things I would like to grow are listed for zones 8-10 : ( I need to move somewhere warmer! Have I mentioned (lately) that I HATE SNOW! However since I won't be moving anytime soon I need to decide 1st on a budget for this year and then on what to plant. Being in zone 6 certainly gives me more options but I'd hate to spend money on something that won't make-it here. I would like to plant all the way across the back of the house this year so budget is going to be a big factor. The grand plan is for a very wide border with a path, water feature and lots of butterfly and hummingbird plants. I think I will be starting most of my selections from seed. I should start sorting the seeds I have and deciding what I need to buy. I get a catalog like this and I ooh and ahh and start thinking about maybe working more OT.


  1. I'm in the "Snow Haters" club, too!
    Actually, I think I'm president. lol.

    The plan you've got sounds lovely. (makes me want summer here, right now, even more)

    Girl, with wanting to cover that much area, (don't know if you've ever tried it) you might want to do some Winter Sowing! You can get lots and lots of things butterflies like that way - for pennies a plant.

  2. Unless I use very sturdy containers they're just going to get crushed by the weight of the snow. Unless of course I keep them cleaned off, which just isn't going to happen. lol I have started clearing out my back room so I can start some seeds right after winter break.