Thursday, February 08, 2007

Delayed > Closed

It doesn't take much to excite the kids, however briefly. What captured their interest yesterday evening?

I realize you can't tell much from this picture, hopefully you can tell that it was very big. And boy was this thing loud! It parked for a while right at the end of our driveway (I have no idea why) and worked on both sides of the road. I haven't seen this in about five years and never at night. I'm sure it's been used, but you don't see it often. The snow banks have gotten too high for the plows to push back so they use this to cut the banks back on the main roads.

I found this picture. Ours looks a little different but you get the idea. If you've ever heard a regular snowblower think about how much noise one this size makes!

PJ helped John get our snowblower up to the repair shop. It turns out it is still under warranty - yeah! They hope to be able to look at it today, there are several in front of ours. BJ will bring his truck over to pick up the boys tonight in case it's done.

When I called work just before 6:00 to let them know I was on my way they said they were considering going on a delay. After I got in I gave my road report and started pre-tripping. We went on a 2 hour delay. Shortly after 7:00 things had gotten bad enough that we closed. I'm glad we did. The drive home was tougher than the drive in. The blowing was causing total white-out conditions on north-south roads. The snowplow guys here have been doing a phenomenal job! They must be exhausted.

For lots of snowy pictures from this area go here and scroll down to the bottom. Most of these folks have gotten it much worse than we have.

Our area has made the national news. Snowville is too small a place to be mentioned, heck, we're too small to have our own Post Office.

Lake-effect snow buries upstate New York
POSTED: 11:03 a.m. EST, February 8, 2007
Story Highlights
• Towns socked this week with more than 6 feet of snow
• Another 2 feet expected Thursday along eastern Lake Ontario
• Police temporarily shut I-81 from Central Square to Pulaski
• Travel advisories posted for Oswego, neighboring counties

OSWEGO, New York (AP) -- While the northern Plains and Northeast shiver in dangerously cold temperatures, the folks in upstate New York are keeping warm shoveling snow -- lots of snow.

Since Sunday, the small towns of Parish and Mexico have recorded more than 6 feet of snow, and forecasters with the National Weather Service say it isn't over yet.

Another 2 feet or more of heavy lake-effect snow was expected Thursday for the communities along eastern Lake Ontario, and more squalls are likely through the weekend.

"We're just trying to keep up. It's almost an unreal amount," said Mayor Randy Bateman of Oswego, where 70 inches of snow had fallen by Thursday morning. "We catch up when it stops, but then it just comes again, even heavier."
Five inches per hour

Whiteout conditions -- the snow has been falling at a rate of 5 inches an hour at times -- forced state police to temporarily close Interstate 81 between Central Square and Pulaski, a stretch of about 15 miles.

Travel advisories against unnecessary travel were posted for Oswego and its neighboring counties. Mexico officials renewed a snow emergency declaration, and many government offices were closed.

Schools were closed for a fourth day in Oswego and Mexico.


  1. That truck looks like something out of Star Wars. Please be careful!

  2. Oh, you guys are having quite the time over there! So glad they went ahead and closed.
    At least that vehicle provided some evening entertainment!

    Hang in there and stay warm!

  3. Gosh, I just can't get over how much snow you guys keep getting...another sunny day here! lol I know we're going to pay for this...we're used to getting what you've been getting lately!

    What a huge truck and I can just imagine the noise it was doing!

    Stay safe and warm!