Thursday, February 08, 2007

Lord Love A Duck - Revisited

Back in December Mom had problems with her phone. I won't rehash the whole thing but I was the one that said I'd let everyone know about her new phone number.

My Aunt called me this evening quite upset because Mom's number had been disconnected and WHAT IS WRONG!


I assured her that Mom is OK and explained about the new number. She was worried about Mom and the rest of us with the national news covering our snow storm. We chatted awhile. My Uncle is not well. I'll have to see if Mom is up to a trip to Michigan soon I guess. I doubt she'll go but I'd be happy to take her. Maybe over April break.

In my defense they NEVER call each other. They still think of phone calls as expensive and write (infrequent) letters to stay in touch.

Now I'm racking my brain, wondering who else I forgot to tell.

(The picture at the top of the page is my Uncle, my Mom and their Sister, who left us several years ago.)


  1. I guess it had been since last December that your aunt hadn't called if she just found out today that that number had been disconnected! lol That is such a precious picture as your header..I wondered who they were:-) They were showing on our news tonight how NY has gotten over 7 feet of snow so far..ridiculous!!

  2. Just your luck. They decide to call the year you have her service changed!! Good thing they have your number.