Thursday, February 01, 2007

Family This & That and a Little Whine

Nikki rode with me yesterday. She likes going back to the garage and "helping" me. Mike was already at our house when we got home. Alex and Liz were both sick so we had just the two oldest.

Of course they wanted to play on John's computers, which we don't allow when all four are here. The boys adopted virtual pets the last time they were here so Nikki adopted one too. That's Tidy the Tiger over on the side bar. If you pet him he'll purr for you. He growls now and then and if you click on the more button a steak will appear that you can feed him. Go ahead and play with him, Nikki won't mind. A neat little site that the kids enjoy. We also have a turtle, a monkey and a panda. They hang out on the family-only blog that nobody reads.

I went to Mom's today and she has me very concerned. She's having more trouble breathing, just a few steps and she's out of breath. She wants to stay in her house and as much as I'd like to honor her wishes I don't think she can stay alone much longer. There are things she needs to do for herself that she's not doing. John and I lived with her when we were working on this place and we really don't want to do that again (her place is smaller than ours and twice as far from my job.) John and I talked a little tonight and we're going to see if we can get down there more often every week and see how things go. Maybe we can split our time there with Country Girl like we did when she broke her arm. Or maybe if we just spend half the week there it will be enough. I don't know what to do. It sucks to be me lately.

The weather was finally good today, cold but not bitter, and sunny for most of the day. I got some of the salt rinsed off of the car but ran out of quarters before I got it all off.

It's been 12 days and I still want a cigarette every minute. Hopefully John will survive this!


  1. Lol I've been making Tidy purr while I was reading your he's looking for me! hehe Cute!

    So sorry to hear about your worries over your certainly doesn't sound good at all that she gets out of breath so easily. It's so hard though when they don't want to leave their home.

    I didn't realize you were trying to quit smoking...good luck with that, I can imagine how very hard it is!!! Hang in there!! Hugs xox

  2. Good for you, Apple, no smoking! If God puts you to it, God will put you thru it, always remember!
    I am hoping for the best for your mom, and it's a good thing you can lean on your hubby for advice and strength!
    Does she have emphysema? That's terrible, she on oxygen?

  3. Thanks for your concern about Mom.

    Mom has hypertrophic cardio-myopathy, which means that her heart muscle has gotten thicker and thicker over the years to the point that it doesn't beat very well anymore. Because it doesn't pump sufficient amounts of blood through her lungs she gets out of breath very easily. Because she gets out of breath she doesn't exercise. Because she doesn't exercise she continues to gain weight which makes things worse.

  4. This picture is so sweet and those grandchildren are precious. I love Tidy the Tiger. I've seen those before on another blog and think they're great fun. I should add one for my grandkids :)
    It's so sad and a real worry when parents have failing health but want to remain independant. I hope you can find a satisfactory solution that works best for everyone.
    Good on you for going 12 days without smoking. I know you can do it, and John will survive :)