Monday, February 26, 2007

A Good Day

It was good to go back on a day with good weather. The kids seemed ready to be back and my co-workers were actually seen smiling today. During the week we were gone the snow banks shrank some and the snowbanks were cut back. BJ took John to get the snowblower back so no more plowing bills for awhile.

While I was gone they got a lot done on the training bus. The back 1/3 has been removed and we're hoping the work will be done some time in March. The local news gave us a plug today too. I know bus pictures aren't nearly as interesting to all of you as they are to me but when was the last time you saw one cut in two? The back 1/3 will be flipped onto it's side and then reattached after they work on the frame. Then we can train for a bus right side up or on it's side.


  1. Nope, can't say I've ever seen a bus cut in half! lol Neat idea though!! Glad to hear the weather seems to have settled down and hopefully it won't be long until all the snow is gone! xox

  2. A bus dissection? I can honestly say that's my first experience viewing one of those!:)

  3. Interesting. I hope you get more pictures once the bus is back together.
    Our kids were smiling and seemed happy to be back too :)