Friday, February 16, 2007

Our Bags Are Packed

Snow = exhaustion, frustration, depression.

We used our 5th and last snow day today. If we use anymore we will loose days from our April break. So I am on vacation a day early. We were open the last two days and they were stressful. I've driven in worse but ............

The hood of my bus is 5' off the ground so clearing heavy snow off is physically hard for me. My lights and wipers have had to be cleared constantly. The kids behavior is always worse when the weather is bad. Wednesday I managed to get my car stuck twice. I was able to rock it out both times......frustrating.

John spent over two hours shoveling and raking again today in a bitter wind. Just after he had pulled all the snow down on the kerosene tank the delivery truck showed up and he had to dig the tank out right then. All that was on the truck was 32 gallons so that was all we got. That put us back to 1/2 a tank so we're good for awhile but it was frustrating for John to work that hard and not get topped off. He also had to dig out the propane tank.

We only had to have the plow come once today. Our mail hasn't been delivered the last three days. The box is finally cleared to where they can get to it again. Our newspaper box is totally demolished we'll have to get them to give us a new one.

The snowblower is fixed but we can't have it back yet. It's actually been fixed since Tuesday but they won't let us have it back until Arien's authorizes the warranty payment. They finally told us today that it takes about a week to get authorization. Does this make sense to anybody else? They get to take a week to pay while we have to pay to have the driveway plowed 2 or 3 times a day? Another week of plowing bills and I could have bought a new snowblower!

We are planning to head south in the morning. The last I heard route 81 is closed in PA so it may be a longer trip than usual but by tomorrow night I should see grass! BJ is going to house sit for us and everything seems to be in good shape so I won't have to worry about anything. Hopefully Sunday I'll be sitting in the sun reading a good book!


  1. Oh dear, it's no wonder you are ready for a vacation!! Have a safe trip and hopefully you can enjoy some nice sunshine and warmth:-) Take lots of pictures!!

  2. I'm glad you didn't have to drive yesterday with the vicious wind we had. It's been miserable for the past 2 days. Poor John, I hope he didn't catch cold being outside all those hours. Yes, moving the snow is a frustrating job. We're so lucky to have a tractor to do it with....a real blessing!
    Have a wonderful vacation. I hope you get some warmer weather.
    Hopefully we won't have any more large quantities of snow before spring begins to creep in.

  3. Oh, I am so sorry for you. All that snow is incredible. You are a wondeful person, to be able to drive a school bus in all that is one thing, but all those kids have been locked up because of the snow and they are half out of their minds, too!! Please have fun, do a little more than read a book, ok???!!

  4. Wow...snow is really hard work although it looks pretty on picture postcards. Drive safely on your vacation and I hope you find green grass somewhere not to awfully far away.