Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Enough Already!

I'm ready to hibernate for the rest of the winter! I've got enough food in the house to last until mid April - I need to drop all of the weight I put on over the winter anyway. If I take a long winter nap maybe I'll wake up and the last 6 weeks will have been just a nightmare.

Yesterday they predicted that we'd get 4". Since we automatically multiply the prediction by 2 they were right on. All 8" fell during a four hour period. I got home from work OK but I never made it back for the afternoon.

By the afternoon the snow was long gone and John had cleared the driveway. Then the wind started. I didn't get half way to work when I hit a whiteout. The young woman in front of me couldn't see so she stopped - right in the middle of the road. I didn't see her until the last second, I almost made it around her but of course almost isn't good enough. Thankfully she and her baby were both OK. Thankfully my airbag didn't deploy. Thankfully we didn't get hit again before we moved the cars down to the corner where the firemen had set up a road block due to accidents further down. There were so many accidents that it took the police and hour and a half to get to us. Thankfully I didn't get a ticket.

I've been driving since I was 13 (you didn't need a license to drive a vehicle with farm plates way back when) and this was my 1st accident!!! I'm still in shock that I didn't get around her. I'm in shock that my beautiful LeSabre is no longer beautiful.

I took it over to the collision shop and they can't give me an estimate without opening the hood. If they open the hood they don't think they'll get it closed again. I need to talk to an adjuster but they're way behind due to the number of accidents. I'll drive John's car for a couple of days. I have rental coverage but I'm not sure how many days they'll give me. It seems the nightmare will continue.

The wind is blowing again today and we're delayed again. The windchill is -20F right now and since the wind is expected to keep blowing they say we won't do better than -10. This is March isn't it?


  1. Oh! I'm so sorry about your car! But, thank goodness, at least you, or no one else, got hurt.
    Roads are stilled closed from the whiteouts. Nasty things!
    You're right - it just might be May before we see some spring.

  2. Oh Apple, so sorry to hear of your accident. I'm with you, I've had enough already. But the forecasters are saying we're in for another 4" tonight...yuck. Still, that's nothing compared to what you got. Here's hoping warmer and sunnier days are just ahead for us all!

  3. Thank God you are OK....
    This has been a terrible winter and even worse if you have to drive around with memories of how bad it was. (Your Buick)
    Soon, Apple, we will be out of it. Then, we will have the hottest summer on record!!

  4. Yuck! This sure must have been a shock for you Apple~ but now that you've got your first accident [hopefully your one-and-only accident] out of the way, you have something new in your experience and memory, and you made it through the scary parts.

    I'm so glad the people were safe, even if the vehicles are not.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  5. Oh dear, that's the kind of day you wish you hadn't gotten out of bed in the morning!! Thank goodness nobody was hurt but your poor car!! We broke a record today for the coldest March 6th in history...then by Saturday it's supposed to rain because it will be so mild! Wish Mother Nature would make up her mind!! Glad you're ok xoxo

  6. Oh dear! I've been posting about beautiful weather and flowers and you are enduring this! I can't even imagine what it is like to live in weather like you seem to take for granted.
    So glad you weren't injured in the accident. It must be terribly scary to drive in conditions like that..

  7. YUCK!!!! Are you sick of the snow yet? I'll bet that whiteout was scary. I'm glad you and the other driver and child were okay.

    I can't imagine living in a state where you get 8+ inches of snow in a setting. Everyone here in my midwestern city makes a big hooplah when we get 4inches.

  8. I have something that helps me get thru these winters. Don't read Southern or Western blogs!!
    I don't read below Zone 6, in the winter.
    In the summer, I am going to post at one blog who brags about her southern weather, how nice it is in the North!!!
    Hope you are OK. Post soon!!

  9. Apple, Monday was day that will live on in our memories....but not in a fond way. It was horrible!!! I'm so sorry you were involved in that accident, but very glad you, the young lady and baby weren't hurt. How sad about your car and what a rotten nuisance to have to go through all the hassle of insurance, having it repaired, going without it, etc.
    I hope and pray I'm never in another whiteout. I was scared to death. Yes, let's all hibernate until the warm weather comes!
    At least the forecast is encouraging!

  10. Hi Apple, Kerri sent me here, so sorry about your car accident, hope the weather gets better... take care.

  11. I read about your experience on Kerri's blog so dropped by to find out first hand. It sounds awful, absolutely dreadful. We have very little snow where I live in Dorset UK - one flake and everyone panics. I hope your vehicle is sorted out very soon. Hibernation is good!

  12. Hi...I'm here from Kerri's...I'm so glad you and the lady and baby were safe...I hope you get your car fixed soon!!
    :-D know I've seen you in comments of others but this is my first visit...I've enjoyed it so far...come see me if you want to!!

  13. Oh, I'm so sorry...but so thankful you and the others were fine. What an awful thing those whiteouts must be! I would be tempted to stay home, too...and not come out until spring arrives! Bless your heart!

    I hope by the time you see this that your car is repaired. That will help to put it behind you. Take care.