Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Few Signs of Spring

  • Enough snow has melted that I can see over the snowbanks at the end of the driveway.
  • I heard songbirds today.
  • Motorcycles have replaced snowmobiles on the road.
  • My bus got washed and stayed clean for an entire day.
  • Everything is turning to mud.
  • I've been wearing my spring coat and sneakers.
  • The stores are starting to get bulbs and seeds in which I promptly bought.
  • The sound of brooms banging the sidewalls rang up and down the line today as we all tried to get rid of weeks of mud.
  • There were lines at the car wash.
  • Parents have been waiting outside for their children.
  • There is open water on the pond. I've warned the kids to stay away.
  • The loggers have started working again, I've seen them all over.
I was quite unhappy to see the loggers in the woods behind our house. I hope they are very selective and leave me most of this view.


  1. I am just delighted that you stopped by and left a comment so that I could find your blog! Lots of interesting things to read and so nice to see another Iditarod fan.

  2. oooh all those wonderful signs! i hope too the loggers are judicious....

  3. Motorcycles for snowmobiles? I'll bet they'll be doing a lot of laundry from the mud splashes.

    How far away are the woods, Apple? Are any of the trees on your land or could they take everything?


  4. Hi Annie,

    The motorcycles have all been on the roads that I've seen so no mud but the kids should have the dirt track set up at the corner as soon as the snow is gone.

    I own just a few tree at the very edge of the lot, the acres and acres of woods are owned by a family down the road.

  5. I hope they don't take too many trees either. Are you getting hit with snow again today?

  6. Hi Bev,
    It's snowing again but we don't expect too much here. They expect the worst of it to stay south and east of us. I hope they're right!