Thursday, March 08, 2007

Happy International Woman's Day!

For International Womens Day I chose to write about my great-aunt, Ruby Camfield. She never had a family of her own but was so important to her nieces and nephews and their families that I wanted to be sure that she would be remembered.

Tammy has a very nice post up about her mother. Please check it out. If you have written something and I missed it please leave me a note so I can read it and link to you here.

As March is Womans History month you still have plenty of time to honor one special woman.

Here are some links for you to check out this month.

Jasia, at CreativeGene, has a couple of great posts. First there is her Women's History Challenge. She makes a great case for all of us to write something:

Because women were often at home taking care of the children while the men folk were out back in the garage inventing cars, or far away from home marching across battlefields, they often weren't in positions to accomplish noteworthy things... except for an exceptional few. But their lives were impacted by the events around them and they in turn impacted the lives of their husbands and children in the course of everyday life. This month we have a chance to honor women, not only the ones whose accomplishments have made headlines but the ordinary and extraordinary women in our own family histories as well.

She also has a great post about the Womens History Project with lots of information and links.

Carol is sharing a year in the life of her grandmother, not just in March but all year long. If you're not already reading the Ruth Campbell Smith Diaries go over and take a peek into the day to day life of a mother in 1926.

Becky, at kinnexions, has a whole list of wonderful Womens History links posted here.

Maggiemac, at Civil War Women has been writing about women in the Civil War for awhile now and has dozens of short biographical stories for you to chose from.


  1. what a wonderful tribute to your great aunt. she sounds like a truly remarkable woman!

  2. Women have certainly earned this day in recognition of all they have done, are doing and will do. So many great women to honour, starting with our ancestors. Such a beautiful tribute to your great aunt!! xox

  3. Oh, Apple, thank you so much for linking to my mother's birthday tribute! I appreciate that! :)

    I just read the story of your great-aunt and really enjoyed it so much! (I vote for the girl on the left of the photo, too...she has the same features as the grown-up photo.)

    Thank you for all the links, too- I joined the gen. carnival and wouldn't have known about it otherwise. :)

  4. Apple,
    I don't have any women in my family that I even know enough about to write about. I often am jealous of all the bloggers who can trace their families for a long way. I hardly knew mine before I was out of the family...!
    I love reading about yours!

  5. Thanks for the help on my comments. I knew there had to be a way. Maybe I'll go back and change it.

    I'll be back later to read your post.

  6. Thanks for the link to my Grandmother's Diaries. I am always happy when others find it, and find it of interest.

    Carol at May Dreams Gardens