Friday, March 09, 2007

Lord Love A Duck, Part 3

Thank you all for your caring comments about my accident. I thought I'd update how things have been going. Already some of you are scratching your heads because of the title. You may recall that in LLAD part 1 Mom decided to change phone service to cable service and then changed back. In part 2 I was in trouble for failing to inform everyone of her new number. No car was involved in either story but I'm sure you see a theme. I bet you can guess where this is going.

I called my agent as soon as I got home Monday. She took down the details of the accident and said it was too late in the day to have an adjuster assigned to my case so she'd call me in the morning but they had 48 hours to assign someone.

Tuesday morning came and no call. I figured there was no point in bugging her as there were literally dozens of accidents on Monday.

Late Tuesday afternoon I got a call from an adjuster from my insurance company looking for the other woman involved in the accident. I explained to him that she had a different insurance company so he must be looking for me. Nope, he was assigned to her claim not mine but since he's the one that handles claims in my area he was sure I'd be assigned to him and he'd be out this way Thursday. I was a bit angry. OK, alot angry! I'm the one that has been paying premiums to this company for 100 years so shouldn't I be their priority?

Wednesday morning I called my agent and of course got voice mail. I left a polite but unhappy message about the service I was getting and asked her to call the company and find out why no one had been assigned to my claim.

When she didn't call me back I called the company directly and asked why I hadn't been assigned to anyone yet. I was transfered to a very rude woman who told me I did have a claim rep assigned and I was given her number. Of course they couldn't transfer me, I had to call her seperately.

I was not a pleasant person by the time I reached her. She very politely told me that she could not reach me because in my file they had my old phone number. My agent had called her in the morning with the number I had left with my message. It seems that when we changed our number two years ago that we never officially notified the company. So now I'm wondering why I have an agent!? I've talked to them a few times but they never checked or updated the file.

(The adjuster got my number from the information I gave to the other woman. Apparently he and the claim rep. didn't put two and two together.)

My car rental was approved. There were no cars available until today. The adjuster did come on Thursday, he was very nice and wrote us a very large check. The body shop is ordering parts and should start work early next week so all's well that ends well I guess. But I do believe I will be looking for a new agent as she still has not called me back!

When I got home from work today I mentioned to John that more snow and ice had come off of the roof. He told me that he'd gone up on the roof to get it off while I was at work. I started to lecture him about how dangerous it was it be up there when no one else was here - what if he'd fallen!!!! His response "Well I would have only fallen a few feet." Point taken but I'm hoping he doesn't go up there again when I'm not here.


  1. Don't you just love those runarounds companies that you PAY to take care of you, give you?! I don't blame you whatsoever for being angry and also don't blame you for wanting to look for another agent! Glad everything with the car is being taken care of now, though. We're supposed to get rain this weekend so hopefully that will take care of some of the snow we have!

  2. Jeff did the very same thing, when Cass was an infant! He climbed up on the roof and when I got home to find him stuck there, he wondered why I was mad!! He was the stuck one!!

    I hate insurance people. I hope you have enough to get your poor car fixed. I hope the company you dealt with is not State Farm!!