Sunday, April 08, 2007

It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Happy Easter! This is what we awoke to today. Are there any old sayings for years with a brown Christmas followed by a white Easter? I'll add pictures later from our indoor Easter Egg Hunt.
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  1. Happy Easter!

    We've been having a beautiful weekend here (weather-wise).

  2. It's Easter and we have weather like this. My dad pointed out it is actually colder this Easter than it was on Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years. That's insane!

  3. ACK!!! janet makes a good point. such was the case for us as well. i was barefoot outside on christmas day and it snowed today on easter. craziness!

  4. Hi!

    I read your comment concerning my upcoming trip to New York.

    The above photo is beautiful, but it illustrates why I am not going through the Adirondacks during this time of year with two buses of students! The National Park Service cautioned me a couple of months ago that it might not be possible to even get through Fort Ticonderoga; at least I shouldn't plan on it. So I eliminated that, as well as other stuff.

    The other problem is finding places for pit stops with 90 people, including two handicapped (in wheelchairs).

    The Thruway is a bit safer and there are rest stops that could accommodate us, should we need them!

    Ah! If they were traveling even two weeks later, the itinerary would have been quite different, but I'm delighted with what we do have, so far!

    Hope to see you at Roads Scholars!

  5. Gosh that's awful, if you ask me....I am sorry for you, Apple. The snow is sickening!!

  6. Ooooo! Can I copy your moving bus? Please, pretty please?