Thursday, April 05, 2007

Spring Break

We got a fresh 4" of snow for our last day before Spring Break. The poem Sissy has posted on her blog seems to sum up this spring! We will be spending Easter at Country Girl's and then we will head to Tennessee for a few days to visit with John's brother and his family.

I wasn't clear in my last post about my new computer. It has a screen that turns all the way around and folds back so that when you close it the screen is showing. There is a stylus that you can then use to write on the screen to take notes or make diagrams. It's very cool, I just don't see myself doing anything with it. I do have a project at work that involves diagramming our parking areas at the various schools and I may see how it works for that. (You can see how the screen turns in the post below. I haven't folded it back yet because I haven't had time to go through the tutorial)

Thomas Hamburger Junr, who is writing The Case of the Missing Family has tagged me with the challenge of naming seven tracks or albums that have been playing in my life recently and then naming seven more people to carry the baton forward. I will instead make this an open tag. What are all of you listening to?

I'm a radio girl. I listen to two different country stations, one contemporary and one classic, and there is the oldies station when I need a pick-me-up. I play a top forty station for the older kids but if they don't stop playing rap they'll be off the playlist! Then of course there is Radio Disney which is actually fun to listen to (and sing alone with) at least on this limited basis. We do have a few CDs for car trips and when I'm in the mood for big band swing or soothing classical.

So I'll list seven of the CD's we'll be singing along with on our long drive next week.
  1. Drive, Alan Jackson
  2. Best of Simon & Garfunkel
  3. Toby Keith's Greatest Hits
  4. When Somebody Loves You, Alan Jackson
  5. The All Time Greatest Hits of Roy Orbison
  6. Eagle's Greatest Hits
  7. Garth Brooks Live


  1. Isn't this weather just the pits? It looks and feels like winter here, only 9 F and everything is white. SIgh. Have a great time on your trip and I love the music you'll be listening to....your musical interests are pretty much like mine, I love country:-) Happy Easter to you and yours! xox

  2. Apple,
    I am sorry to say that I would not ride with you, with all that hee-haw music.
    (make room on the luggage rack, I want to go back to TN!!)
    Happy Easter to you and Country Girl!!