Saturday, April 14, 2007

Photo Hunters

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I have many hobbies. Genealogy occupies most of my free time right now and will shortly take a backseat to gardening. I have always loved smocking, so even though I don't do much of it these days I thought I would share my Easter Eggs as I have separate blogs for each of my other hobbies.


  1. Oh wow, those eggs are just fabulous! I've never even heard of "smocking" before!! Such talent you have my friend:-) xox

  2. i've never seen smocked eggs before. they are so lovely!

  3. Those are beautiful, Apple! You must be a very patient lady.
    Have you seen the commercial where all the kids are screaming and fighting on the school bus until the driver pulls down a DVD screen? They all shut-up and sit down and the driver smiles! It reminds me of you!

  4. Kerri sent me on over to 'visit' you. Beautiful children - they look SO happy and well behaved. Having two children and 3 grandchildren (now all grown), I remember how things could change in a flash.. lol.

    Those eggs are incredible. I love lots of hobbies, too, but have never seen anything like these.

    Linda in Florida