Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sunshiny Day!

The sun! The sun! It's back! The temperature is above 40. We still have plenty of the white stuff but it's melting.

I'm working my way through the latest edition of The Carnival of Genealogy. Twenty-six posts on a myriad of topics from the serious to the silly. Check it out - there's something for everyone.

I'll be giving a presentation at my Garden Club meeting tonight. My topic? Our school bus project of course! Check out the latest pictures, it's really coming along and will hopefully be done by our June fundraiser. I'll be asking the Garden Club to spread the word and for donations of plants to use as raffle items. We received our incorporation papers and hope to eventually extend the use of the bus to the entire region. Tentative plans have several of us traveling to the County Fair, Roadeo in Albany and the State Fair with the bus.

This video just suits my mood today. Enjoy!


  1. Oooooh I love that little video...singing right along with it:-) The sun is shining here too and it's supposed to stay like this for the next week!! AND...temps of almost 70F!!! Woohoo! The best of luck with your Garden Club presentation...sounds like all of that is keeping you busy! See you when I return from my trip:-) xox

  2. So glad the sun came out! :) We've had rain all week and chilly temps...can't wait for Spring to come back here! :)
    Love that song...:D

    I'm not doing the genealogy carnival this time around but hope to again soon!

  3. Yeah, yeah! Sun!!! I laughed out loud to hear this song and see the video Apple. Just perfect! I had a great day working at my favorite nursery this morning, and in my garden this afternoon. And sunshine to top it all off..who could ask for anything more?
    Thanks for the song :)
    Love your bus! Great project. Hope your presentation goes well.

  4. Saw you via greg, love the video. Would you mind if I used it some time. It really cheered me up, thanks for that...