Thursday, May 03, 2007

Happy Birthdays!

My little Nikki is 7! She's growing up so fast. She'll be celebrating at the roller rink on Saturday.

And Twig just celebrated his 1st Birthday! I'm taking a couple of classes to the Zoo tomorrow so Bean is meeting me there with the kids. It will be Twig and Sprout's 1st time at the Zoo.

Things have been busy at work. It seems that I have a different meeting or project to work on everyday. With less than a month until the fund-raiser and only two months until the end of the school year there is a lot to get done. I have a meeting at the Fire Hall tonight and I have to help out at a Bike Roadeo on Saturday before Nikki's party.

The weather has been sunny but still a bit too cool for me. It's supposed to be a bit warmer this weekend so I'm hoping to spend some time working outside. John & BJ are going to pick up a new screened room tomorrow so we'll have that to work on. Hopefully we've figured out how to keep it from blowing over this year.


  1. Happy Birthday to Nikki and Twig:-) Sounds like it will be a fun time at the roller rink on Saturday! As for the zoo, that's always fun!! xox

  2. Nikki has grown so fast, it seems like just yesterday she was born. Have a great day at the roller rink.

  3. what a sweetie. happy birthday to her. have a great time at the zoo!

  4. Happy birthday to them both!
    Nikki is so adorable! :)