Friday, May 04, 2007

Good and Tired

These four wore me out earlier in the week. They can burn off some of their energy roller skating tomorrow. I'd better get busy and wrap Nikki's present!

We had a great time at the zoo. My bus had two very small classes and Bean got there just as we were parking. I pushed Twig and got quite a workout. He was content to ride in the stroller but not very interested in the animals. Sprout liked the animals she could get close to. Here she's waiting for the penguins to swim by again.


  1. ah, i love taking kids to the zoo!

  2. I'm saving up my energy for when I have grandkids! lol Sounds like a fun time at the zoo...I still love going there whenever I can:-) xox

  3. The zoo is such fun. Our 14 yr old grandson will be going to the San Diego Zoo while on his class trip next week. Even at his age, he's very excited about it!!

  4. The Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse. I still think if it as the Burnet Park Zoo but it has undergone much change since my youth.