Saturday, June 23, 2007

Another Year Over

Another school year has ended. I've never had so many tears or such quiet kids before on the last day. One was crying because she is moving. Another because her boyfriend is moving. One was sad that she had a long boring summer ahead and wouldn't be able to see her friends very often because she lives so far out of town. Nobody wanted to chant "No more teachers, no more books".

I'll miss them all over the summer. The ones that don't move, I'll see again in the fall. But there are three that I will be fretting over all summer. Some kids have it tougher than others and school is their safety net.

I received a few end of the year gifts and I loved them all but two were extra special. One was a plant from the family garden potted in a decorated coffee can. She gave it to me with her biggest smile, the smile that reminds me how very much I miss her grandmother, who died way too young and never will know this beautiful little girl. The other was from a kindergartener, the granddaughter of another friend. She and her mother worked together to make me a little birdhouse that will also find a home in my garden. But it was the card that touched me. I've received many gifts over the years but never a note like this. Short and simple but it meant so much to me:

"Dear Mrs. Apple,
Libby really loves you. I was a bit nervous about Libby going on the bus at first, but you are a very good driver and that made me feel better. We hope you'll be her driver in the fall! Have a great summer and thanks so much!
Libby and her Mom

Happy Summer!


  1. Well, I have had summer for 16 days now. I have 66 days left. LOL...

    I am still glad it is summer and am not ready to go back yet. I will be ready in a few weeks though.

    I am glad your summer arrived and you got such lovely gifts too. I got some standard candles and a card that said "Riding your bus to school is cool"...LOL....

  2. Hope you have a wonderful summer!
    It's certainly nice to be remembered with such a touching card!

  3. Apple, that is so sweet that you received such heartfelt gifts and that note. You obviously are a special bus driver to all of the kids and their parents!

    I was touched also about worrying about those few that school is their safety net. I guess all you can do is pray for them over the summer.

    And about your comment on my post, that is so neat that you also happened to visit your mom this weekend, too, and what a coincidence that you talked about life 10 yrs ago with her!

    Have a great summer, Apple! :)

  4. Hi!
    I'm back!

    Looks like you and your family are enjoying the summer!

  5. What a sweet note and lovely gifts..complete with big smiles :) I'm sure they all love you Apple. Everyone should be so lucky to have such a wonderful bus driver as you.
    It's sad to think of the kids that have it tough. Yes, prayer is all we can do for them over the summer.
    I hope you're getting caught up in your garden...and enjoying yourself!