Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Getting Paid to Lose Weight

My three week vacation is only three days away! The kids have been pretty good but there is that end of the year excitement. (That is they have been very LOUD!) We started half days today and miraculously everyone had someone waiting for them even though I was earlier than I had told them to expect me.

So why am I getting only three weeks when the kids get ten? I was the last person on the list to get summer work so I will spend four weeks cleaning buses. I'm still trying to decide if that was good luck or bad. lol I'm hoping to lose at least 10 lbs so I'm looking at it as getting paid to lose weight. The new, larger me has no clothes to wear for a such a dirty job so I got to go shopping at Kohl's as they had a great deal on knit shorts and tops. Shopping for new clothes is always fun even when you know you are going to ruin them! Of course I had to swing through the children's departments so my $30 trip cost way more than that but the clearance prices were too good to pass up and I even started my Christmas shopping!

After cleaning I'll get another three weeks off. John found us a great deal in Branson, MO so we're looking forward to going someplace we've never been before. I've also always wanted to visit St Louis, which is right on the way. I'm having fun ordering travel brochures for other places we may want to see along the way. Suggestions welcome!


  1. Getting paid to lose weight sounds pretty good to me! lol Good luck with that!! Ooooh you're so lucky to be going to Branson, Missouri...I've always wanted to go there!! xox

  2. I know some people would think I'm crazy for saying this, since I get the whole summer off, but a month tops is good for me. By August I start to get bored and I'm looking for something to do. I'd much rather a week off every few months than 2 months off complete with nonstop craziness the other ten months of the year! LOL