Thursday, June 14, 2007

Standing Room Only

Liz graduated from preschool yesterday. She called it "Little Kids School" all year and woe to the grandparent that slipped and called it something else! She started the day out miserable. It seems there was some drama over her shoes and hair. I can't wait until she's 16! After those issues were resolved her day improved. PJ & Jae took her out to lunch at the restaurant of her choice and later she got to pick what we had for dinner at our house with her cousins. Throw in time in our tiny pool and sprinkler, a kickball game with neighbors playing too and not one but two Popsicles and I think she had a very good day.


  1. Congratulations to Liz for graduating from "Little Kids' School"!! She made a lovely graduate:-) I just love the way they make it so special for them, complete with cap and diploma!

  2. They make graduation such a fun celebration don't they! Now she's off to the world of Big Kids!!
    (our grandchildren called preschool "the little school" and the K-8 is the "big school")

  3. oh look at that little grin. such a sweetie. congrats

  4. That does should like a very good day! Now that she is done with "little kids school," what's next according to Liz?