Saturday, August 11, 2007

Vacation Has Begun!

I finished my job cleaning buses on Wednesday. Yea! It was a tougher job than I thought it would be. If I never see another piece of gum again it will be too soon. lol. The fleet looks great and I think the drivers will be pleased. The last bus I did was the one I'll be getting. It is so nice! I went in and did some office work on Friday. Nearly everyone one commented on the fact that I was wearing a dress. It felt soooo good to look good. I'm looking forward to the first week in September but I'm going to enjoy my three weeks off first!

I went to the eye doctor on Thursday. I'm unhappy to report that I'll be getting my first pair of bifocals. :( I've known for awhile that I needed new glasses and decided to give myself time to get used to them before September.

The kids were here last night. Liz had asked us to get the movie Robots so that's what we watched. It had a lot of grown-up stuff that seemed to go right over the kids heads. It was a fun movie and they really loved it. The DVD had extras on it and we all were up dancing to to Robot variations of old disco dances.

The weather today was absolutely perfect. Country Girl and I went to see a garden that is only open to the public once a year. It was really quite amazing. You'd never know it was there just looking at the house from the street. On our way to that garden we stopped at a friend's, as she and some thers were going too. She gave us a quick tour of her garden, which is very beautiful too. Before we left she had given Country Girl a large clump of rasberry beebalm and I ended up with some of that. She really didn't make me beg too much. I spent the afternoon planting and weeding and just enjoying the day. Right now I'm sitting on my old glider trying to catch up on blogs while watching the hummingbirds and butterflies. It doesn't get much better than this!


  1. You'll enjoy seeing better. I wear trifocals with no lines (progressive lenses) It made such a difference)
    Enjoy your vacation!

  2. I wish we had bus cleaners during the summer. I didn't go a super great job cleaning mine last year when I turned it in. Aaahhhh!

    I get it back in virtually the same condition I turned it in. They do mechancical junk on it and whatever I asked them to do in my summer bus things needed list.

    My school starts the 29th. I am getting my bus this next week though, so I will have a bit to clean it and get my new seating chart made. I am so so looking forward to the start of schoool as much as I was looking forward to it being over at the end last year. LOL....

    Have fun with those kids now though. A zoo trip or something like that should be in order.

  3. Congrats on a big job well done! I'll say that as a student riding buses, I never stashed a wad of gum under a seat. Looks like I was a minority, huh? ;)

    Have a great vacation. Yes, the weather in Upstate has been idyllic, hasn't it? I am savoring my beautiful Rose of Sharon shrubs in full bloom.

  4. I'm so glad your bus cleaning job is finished. Now have a rest deserve it!
    I hope you get used to the bifocals quickly. Sounds sensible to give yourself time to adjust.
    I can see you and the crew dancing to the disco tunes :) Must've been lots of fun!
    Isn't the weather fantastic? When I read your comment yesterday (thanks for visiting!) we had just come home from a funeral (Ross's aunt) so, no, I didn't get to spend the day in the garden unfortunately. I so wanted to! And today after church this morning, I've been mowing lawn. Maybe tomorrow!
    At least it's an outside job, so I'm not complaining.
    Watching the hummingbirds and butterflies while, it doesn't get much better than that :)
    I ate my lunch on the front porch and watched the hummers. They're such fun.