Sunday, August 19, 2007

Victorian Tea Party

Yesterday my garden club held a Victorian Tea party at the home of one of our members. The decorating committee did a wonderful job! The fabulous arrangement on the mantel was done by one of the members and all of those beautiful lilies are from her garden. She added giant hosta leaves for weight at the bottom and grass from another members garden for interest.

This May Pole greeted us and at the end of each line were placed flower arrangements brought by members.

In the back ground you can see the ladies that came in Victorian costume. Isn't the silver service lovely?
Some of the members are experts at presentation. I wouldn't have thought to use melons as bowls for other fruit. The cake was beautiful on it's own but the tea cup addition was perfect. Each of us brings our own tea cup and we vote for the prettiest.

My sister and I didn't have Victorian outfits but she had a very pretty hat and gloves. I had to add the teeshirt under my dress because it was a chilly day - in the 60's. But better cool and sunny than sweltering hot.

I loved this picture. Too bad the sun washed it out. I got to spend quite some time with a man whose company I enjoy but don't see very often. My sister brought a friend and she won the hat contest. I visited with others that I hadn't seen in a couple of months. All-in-all I had a great day.


  1. SOunds like a great day :) It all looked so beautiful too.

  2. Her tea table looks lovely and the maypole idea is so clever..

  3. Oh how I would have loved to attend that tea party...everything looked so delightful!! I agree with you, some people just have the knack on how to display food and such...I'll have to remember to use melons as bowls!! That silver tea set is just gorgeous. xox

  4. This looks lovely! I would have loved attending this tea...:)

    The fruit display is dazzling- what a great job they did!
    So glad you had such a fun time!

  5. The best part?
    Having a sister to go with, I would think!!
    You two look so sweet!!
    (went to Lowes today, but mine didn't have any variegated iris, drats!!)

  6. Saw this post shared over at Susies space!
    What a lovely day you had!!
    Looks like lots of fun and the fruit decor was fabulous!!

  7. What a fun day that sounds. The ladies did a great job with the decorations. Very inventive and creative!
    Glad you had such a nice day. I love the picture of you and your sister, and the one of you is lovely too. Thanks for sharing those!
    I hope you're feeling less dizzy in your nice new glasses :)