Sunday, September 30, 2007

Blog Neglect

Where have I been, you ask? The start of the school year is always crazy and this year has been a bit busier than most.


We have resumed Kid's Night. Once a week we have the four oldest grandkids come here after school so they can play together and spend some time with us. Bean has even brought her two once and I hope she will again! Six kids and our house is packed full, loud and crazy. I'm exhausted by the time they leave and I love it!

We also went to Mike's Birthday party. I told him I'm not ready for him to be 9 already and so he couldn't have a birthday this year. He thought that was quite hysterical. He loved the game we got him and I hear that he continues to beat his dad at it.

Then there is weekend football. Mike plays on Saturday and Alex on Sunday. John has been going to all of the games and I have been going when I can. I'm not crazy about them playing but I am definitely a minority of one! Overheard at the game yesterday, "I want you to go out there and hit somebody this time!" Give me a break, they are just little boys. I'm lucky I didn't hurt myself biting my tongue!

We had our car seat check the second week of school and we have two more fall safety events in the planning stages. Planning and meetings take up too much of my time. We also had our 1st training day of the year and I was asked to take on another volunteer position. I guess I will if nobody else will but I really need to learn to say NO.

We are so very close to raising what we need for the Training Bus that we also have a push on to finish up. I got way behind in updating the blog but I think I have finally caught up! I need to get a new picture of the thermometer.

I've also had all of the beginning of the year paperwork to deal with; student lists, route sheets, handouts, etc. I hate paperwork but I should finish it up today. (I'd better finish it up today, it's all due tomorrow!) With everything else going on I haven't taken any charters yet but I'll have my first field trip this week.


Between rain drops and everything else I've been spending any free time I have I the garden. Country Girl and I spent a wonderful Saturday with Kerri & Ross, who filled our car up with plants. I have them all planted, finally! Then we spent a Saturday at a symposium in Rochester where I got more plants that I had to get in. There was also a plant exchange at our garden club so I have been moving plants around like a crazy person. I haven't started on the fall garden chores yet nor have I bought a single bulb so there is much to be done. Good thing that it looks like the weather will be great this week.


All summer long I neglected Apple's Tree and my research. The other genea-bloggers kept very busy without me. I have finally posted something for the Carnival of Genealogy and I'm trying to catch up with everything I missed over the summer. I was planning on participating in Scanfest today, thinking that Alex didn't have a game today. He is playing so I may only have time to stop in say hello. I hate scanning and this gives me something fun to do while forcing me to work on it.

I hope to get back to regular blogging shortly!


  1. Whew! I got tired just reading about how busy you are! I share your sentiments about football, but also bite my tongue. I can't focus much on the game at all, just on our grandson. He loves it, so I guess that's all that matters..

  2. You certainly have been busy, haven't you?!

  3. I knew you had to be really busy to go that long without a post Apple! Yes, you were missed :) Those kids are a barrel of fun I'm sure!
    Football games are not! Better you than me...but I feel your pain :)
    Would you believe I don't have any mums?? Yet.
    We've been digging up a storm. A friend at work gave me a bunch of lilies, so yes, I'm still planting too. Haven't planted any tulips yet, but I have bought a few.
    your gaillardia is blooming beautifully :) Thank you! I'll be moving several plants and tidying a few more beds next. The weather has been fantastic!! Wish it could go on like this forever.
    Hope things slow down for you soon.

  4. P.S. Your mums are gorgeous! I love that color.