Saturday, October 06, 2007

Weekly Rewind

Is this really the start of October? The leaves are starting to change but my wardrobe hasn't! I spent the week in shorts.

We had made plans to have the kids here on Monday but when I arrived at work I found out that I had the soccer team trip. I called Jae very early to let her know that the girls couldn't ride my bus in the afternoon and rescheduled kids night. The game was in Homer which is a long but easy trip. I didn't get home until after 10 though so I was tired on . . . .

Tuesday when we went to Mom's between runs. I got her laundry and shopping done but not much else. I did have fun interviewing her about her memories of school for family history month. I hope to get that written up soon.

Wednesday I had a new driver with me and I took a spare bus to give her some time in that model. If you want to confuse parents show up late with a sub driver and a sub bus! We had the kids for dinner and they were all miserable. Alex cried whenever he didn't get his own way. Liz has really taken sharing to heart - whenever someone started to play with something she'd snatch it from them and yell, "you have to share!" Mike and Nikki kept pushing the two younger one's buttons.

Thursday was spent in meetings. We have a big safety fair coming up and I have a lot of things to co-ordinate. I grateful that many of my co-workers have volunteered to help.

Friday I got an easy shuttle in the afternoon, so I had two extra trips in the same week. I got to the elementary school in time to see Liz heading to her bus. She was holding another little girls' hand and walking on the off limits section of the sidewalk near the parking lot. One of the teachers on duty yelled at her to get back over to the safe side. Of course, Liz being Liz, she couldn't just walk between the two planters that divide the walk. Nooooooo. She dragged the other little girl right along with her as she stepped up onto the edge of one of the planters and walked around it as if it was a balance beam. The teacher finally went over and took Liz by the hand and sent her on to her bus.

I have two other projects going on at work that I've been working on in my spare time.

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