Thursday, September 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Mike! & SIL!

Mike is 9! I have trouble believing that he is in 4th grade already. The girls rode with me yesterday so we could have a little party. He has a football game on Saturday followed by his "real" party. It was hard getting nine candles all on one cupcake and of course the other kids had to each have a candle too. I've asked him several times what he would like me to get him and he kept saying, "I don't know." So I went with his dad's suggestion of the Herosc@pe board game that looks very cool.

Happy Birthday also to my son-in-law (SIL) who is .... older than 9!

With summer vacations and the boys football schedule we haven't a a kids night in quite some time and they were thrilled to see each other. Alex and Liz are excited to be in kindergarten. Mike will only say that school is good. Nikki thinks her teacher is mean and that the work is hard. Mike felt the same way in 2nd grade. We had pizza, played a board game, discovered a fun show on PBS, ate cupcakes and watched a movie with popcorn and then worked on a puzzle. I was ready for bed very early and I could use a nap now :-)


  1. Happy 9th Birthday to Mike! My granddaughter will be 9 this weekend too. We'll be traveling north to celebrate with her. Wish they were closer so we could have all four of ours together.

  2. Happy Birthday to Mike:-) Now where's MY cupcake???? hehe Sounds like they had a fun time celebrating!! Happy Birthday to your SIL as well:-) xox

  3. I can't believe how old they are all getting. Aren't we still in our 20's?? sorry, I mean 30's???

  4. A very happy birthday to Mike and your "older than 9" SIL!! :)
    After our couple of days with the little boys we're feeling in need of a nap today too :)
    I brought home a few more plants from our son and DIL's garden so I need to get outside and find a place for them. I'm still digging up Shasta Daisies. Want any more??? :)