Sunday, September 16, 2007

In Praise of Volunteers

I work in a small town so it is no real surprise that many of the folks there have the same surnames. There are dozens of Notme's, Sumbodyeles' and Imbusy's. Imagine my surprise when I didn't run into a single one of them this weekend.

My Thumbs Up! this week goes to all of the people that give their time to their community.

This weekend I think all of the certified inspectors in the county showed up for our Car Seat check. Thank you!

To all of the bus drivers that volunteered to stay an extra four hours cooking, coloring, blowing up punchballs, babysitting, washing dishes and re-parking all the buses - Thank you!

Two of my grandson's are playing Pop Warner football. To ALL of the volunteers it takes to run this program; football coaches, cheer-leading coaches, the concession folks, the guys that get the fields ready and the folks I didn't think of - Thank-you. Also thank you to the parents and grandparents that came out in the rain to cheer on your kids and the other team's kids too! To the official's who put up with the coaches and parents while insuring a safe game - Thanks!

To anyone that volunteered their time this weekend to make your community a better place to live - Thank-you!

Fall is a very busy time of year with all kinds of events. At the events you attend this year please take a moment to thank those who give their time to make them possible!


  1. It's always wonderful when a community pulls together for an important cause..
    Friday night football is a big event in our town too..

  2. It's great to see communities working together. Thanks for stressing the positive Apple.
    We went with A&T and their youngest to C's soccer practice yesterday morning. He's learning beginner skills. It's interesting to watch how they teach them. I was very impressed watching the coaches with the little kids.
    We about froze in the wind though.