Sunday, September 09, 2007

Leading The Parade

Sunrise Wednesday

I always look forward to the first day of school and every year it is chaos. This year was better than last though. Every year on my elementary route I have some parents that hold me up taking pictures and then follow the bus to school to check on my driving and to get more pictures as the kids get off. This year I only had three cars with me the first day and one the second. lol I really don't mind the picture taking as all of the pictures I have of my kids school days are of their backs. I did have one father that decided rather than a quick couple of snaps, he wanted a whole roll to document such an important event. I quickly drew the line when it became obvious that he was going to get on the bus to take a few more! This year I didn't have a driver-in-training with me but I did have a seasoned sub and that helped immensely with getting the seating chart done and dealing with all the paper work. I love training though and look forward to working with our new drivers in the coming weeks.

I had a great finish to my week. My sister and I had a perfect day visiting with Kerri and Ross. She wrote about our visit here. We'd only met previously through our blogs and email. They are a wonderful couple and we had a great time getting to know each other a little better and swapping stories with lots of laughter. Kerri promised not to go to any trouble over lunch but she treated us to a scrumptious lunch of squash casserole, zucchini bread and fresh veggies. Her kittens kept us company while she allowed us to raid her gardens. We took home an entire car full of plants and I felt a little bit guilty about taking so much but she assured us that much of what we took needed to be thinned anyway. I am certain they are scratching their heads over the fact that I drive a bus but had so much trouble turning my car around in their driveway but I was very worried that Max would find his way under one of my tires!

Thank you Kerri & Ross!!!!!


  1. I am so envious that you got to meet Kerri and Ross. I've talked to her on the phone a couple times, and hope to meet her in real life someday. I'm sure she's as delightful in person as she is on her blog..

  2. I love your sunrise photo, especially with the buses lined up along the bottom.
    That just makes me laugh to think of the parents going a bit overboard with the first day thing :)
    I'm so glad you and CG were able to come. It was our great pleasure to have you both!!!
    We knew just what you were doing when trying to turn in our head scratching necessary. Can't be too careful where Max is concerned :)
    It's just too bad he couldn't go home with one of you! Better each, since Riley needs a good home too. Oh well, maybe we'll be lucky and find someone else who would love them as much as you two did. I hope so!

  3. P.S. Apple, I meant to say next time I think you should bring the bus. I think we could get a lot more plants in a vehicle that size :) We hardly made a dent in the plants I need to thin out :)
    And thank you both for the plants you brought to me!!

  4. Should I be more jealous of you for meeting Kerri, or of Kerri for meeting you, Apple?

    It's been wonderful seeing the other Austin bloggers in person - glad it's happening in New York, too!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose