Saturday, October 13, 2007

Signs of Fall

The weather here has been quite warm up until the last week, not very fall like, but I like it warm so I'm not complaining! Most years we turn the furnace on sometime in September but this year we were able to wait until Oct. 10th, although we did use the little electric heater on a few cool mornings. The garden is still looking OK because we haven't had a frost yet and I have to get out there and start getting things ready for winter. Very hard to do when flowers are still blooming!

At this time last year I took my camera with me everywhere I went because the fall colors were so vibrant. Based on this map for today we should be near peak.

I took this picture of my maple trees this morning.
The leaves this year seem to be just dying and dropping.
The vines that cover the locust trees are giving us what little color there is so far, which is very good because black locust trees are not pretty in the fall.

The wild flowers are starting to go to seed and turn brown.
The pokeweed are full of berries.
Some other signs of fall here:

I'm doing my pre-trip inspection every morning by flashlight and picking up my first stops in the dark.

The lake effect machine is cranking up, so many days are rainy and dreary. The weather forecasters seem almost giddy that they can start talking about the possibility of snow, even though we haven't had a frost yet.

I'm working on my genealogy projects again.

I've started Christmas shopping.


  1. Apple, to me what's happening in NY sounds normal and not too different from how things were in Illinois in October, when we'd be in the mood for fall colors and Halloween. Down here by the time I'm in the mood for fall decorating, it's time for a Christmas tree.

    Your photos are nice to see and the pokeweed sure looks pretty.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  2. Love your photos :)
    I'm glad we haven't had to turn our heater on yet. We try to wait till around the first part of Nov.
    I've actually bought a few Christmas presents already too :)

  3. You seem to have the same problem with the leaves as I have LOL. They don't get red/orange, they just fall from the trees and I get miserable. I had planned in taking so many lovely pictures this fall but now it's impossible.
    Hope you have a great day.
    Love Elzie

  4. The leaves have been the same way here, but today I noticed quite a bit more color than on Monday, so maybe we'll get more before they all fall off. The color is just here and there. I've seen our woods ablaze with color in past falls, but not so far this year. Ross's prediction, after our wet summer last year, that dry years give us a more colorful fall is not panning out.
    Seems like the few lovely days we've had lately I've had other things going work and Dr.'s appointments. I still have plenty to do in the gardens.
    Your photos are a nice illustration, and I especially love the pretty pokeweed.