Sunday, November 04, 2007

Late Halloween Post

I spent the week trying to catch up on everything I'd neglected while getting ready for the Safety Expo. I also wrote a pile of thank-you letters and had a follow up meeting so that we'll be better prepared next year. In there somewhere Halloween came and went. We doubled the number of trick-or-treaters from last year - Alex & Mike were followed by Sprout & Twig. As many of you know, my daughter, Bean, does not want me to post any pictures of her kids here but I thought maybe I could get away with sneaking these two in. ;-) Our place wasn't on the way to where Nikki & Liz went trick-or-treating but we'll see them tomorrow for kids night.


  1. I am also cautious about showing full photos of the grands. I do it at times, but always worry just a bit..
    These are very cute :)

  2. They're cuter than cute! I'm trying to use my imagination to figure out what the little guy's costume is, but not having much luck. Doin' the "old soft shoe" maybe? :) It's an adorable costume. Is Sprout a princess or maybe Snow White?
    We had so many princesses in the class I worked in last week!
    Those boys are scary! :)
    It sounds like you might've had more snow than us...that's what I heard on the TV anyway. We had light snow showers and flurries. Nothing that stuck.
    Did I mention that I intensely dislike the cold???

  3. I think Twig was a spider. Sprout's was Snow White but she's our Princess :)

    We got more than enough snow here. It never totally covered the grass and it is gone now. I posted a couple of pictures on the garden blog.

    I hate the cold too. I'm not looking forward to the Safety Fair on Saturday. I'm going to have to bundle up!