Friday, November 09, 2007

Super Day

We had a Superintendent's workshop this morning. The focus was transporting special needs students with a focus on autism. Sad, sometimes frustrating stuff. We've had this speaker before and I always enjoy her workshops. She was able to make us laugh (mostly at ourselves) while talking about a tough topic. I took away some new ways of looking at different situations. I don't know if there are really more special needs kids now than when I went to school or if we just recognize more disabilities or maybe just label kids too much, but it seems like I get more special kids each year. Throw in kids who are having trouble at home or starting into puberty and my bus with 50 -60 kids can be a real challenge. I don't know how the folks who drive the really big buses (75+) manage on their own and I give them a lot of credit!

After our workshop many of us headed over to set up for the big fundraiser we are having for a co-worker tomorrow. She is battling cancer for the second time. Raffle items were put in baskets, tables decorated, food cooked and most everything was set by the time I left. I'm on the clean up crew as I will be at a Safety Fair with the School Bus Training Team during the day. I'm looking forward to both events and I wish it had worked out that they were on different days. Liz's birthday party is also tomorrow and I feel terrible that I won't be able to be there. She's having her party at the bowling alley. John is going and with all of the kids I doubt she'll miss me too much but still . . . . . Why is it that things always seem to work out this way?

I think that after tomorrow my life will settle down considerably! The weather is forecast to warm back up some and I hope to get some fall garden chores done.

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  1. Any tips you can share? How best do you handle the outright defiant ones? I got off the bus this afternoon too furious to even post...I'm sitting here drinking coffee and eating chocolate. :) Soon I'll have to leave and go do stuff with the friend I have over.

    Have a blessed evening.