Thursday, December 20, 2007

Lord Love A Duck! Part 4

Well it's been awhile since I've used that expression and really thought it would not find it's way back here, after all, it's been nine months.

In Part 1 we had difficulty because Mom changed her phone number.

In Part 2 I was in trouble for not informing everyone of her new number.

Part 3 was difficulty because we changed our phone number.

Earlier this week my aunt, the same aunt that was upset with me before, called worried because she got someone else when she tried to call Mom and since the number must have been changed again was Mom alright!!!??? Mom's fine and after a couple of minutes my Aunt realized that she had transposed two numbers.

Yesterday Mom had an appointment with the cardiologist. I had asked for (and been granted) the time off weeks ago. I checked with the dispatcher to see who would be filling in for me and they didn't have me down in the book. No problem, we still had one sub left.

John and I both had a stomach bug on top of our colds so I called Mom to see if she wanted to risk us giving it to her or if she wanted to reschedule. She chose reschedule so I called the doctors office. They informed me that she did not have an appointment for yesterday! After pulling up her file on their computer they had her down for tomorrow at 2:00. They were very sorry but they needed to change it and she wasn't sure why no one had let Mom know. Since I was sick it worked out in our favor but I would have been $%#%$!!!! if I had gotten Mom all the way to the office to be told the doctor wasn't there! Her GP's office had made the appointment but had not given them the new phone number. Is it just me or would you think that they would have either called the GP's office for the number or maybe sent a post card?

Moving on. I knew I couldn't get another day off this week so I asked John if he could take Mom. No Problem. Except that we were both sick and forgot that he gets the boys off the bus on Friday's. I called BJ and he's going to make other arrangements for the boys.

Hopefully I haven't forgotten something else. Hopefully the cardiologist is the last one that we forgot to update her phone number with.

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