Thursday, December 20, 2007

More Memories in the Making

Yesterday Nikki had some minor surgery on the roof of her mouth. They had to remove her front four teeth. We'll have to teach her All I want for Christmas are my two front teeth! Liz had surgery today to clip the skin under her tongue. I stopped after work today and both girls are doing well. They showed me their tree and their new room.

Alex had his kindergarten Christmas concert today. Since it was at noon I was able to go. When they opened the curtain we were all looking for him. BJ spotted him quickly but I couldn't pick him out of the sea of little kids in red hats. Then BJ said he was the one in the back row that wasn't singing. Found him! LOL He did sing after he had found us in the audience and waved. It was a cute program but incredibly short. Nine songs, 15 minutes, done. Most of the pictures didn't come out very well and they all have other kids in them but here is one from the classroom afterwards.


  1. Good looking boy!

  2. Gosh, 2 surgeries right before Christmas...that's tough! Glad the girls are doing well.
    Alex sounds like Andrew. He would never sing either. Still won't :)
    Sometimes short is good! Glad you got this cute picture :)
    Have a wonderful Christmas Apple!!!!