Monday, December 03, 2007

Wait 5 Minutes

Wait 5 minutes and the weather will change certainly is true today! We've had freezing rain, rain that only feels freezing cold, sleet and snow. All in very random order. I've stopped counting how many times the plow has gone by. The winds are howling too.

BJ and Angie had no power this morning. I followed the plow to work to find my bus full of snow. I had to brush out the inside before I could start on the ice encrusted stuff on the outside. I need a bigger broom.

The nor'easter off of Maine is supposed to give us lake effect for the rest of the day. Nor'easter and lake effect are rarely found in the same sentence storm! We've gotten about an inch in the last couple of hours, not too bad for us.

This is one of those rare days that I really wish I had a different job. I'll be putting my pencil in the freezer tonight!


  1. Ok...I'm confused. Why are you putting your pencil in the freezer?

  2. The kids here say that if you put your pencil in the freezer, wear your pajamas inside out and sleep with a spoon under your pillow that we'll have a snow day.

    It didn't work this time, so I was teasing the middle school kids this morning, asking them who didn't do their part.

  3. I was wondering about the pencil too. Thanks for explaining :) I'm pretty sure our kids do those things too :) They finally decided to close our school on Monday. You're a much tougher bunch up there in Snowville!
    I haven't seen that view in Oswego for several years.
    Yes, you definitely have more snow than we do, judging by that last picture.
    We awoke to a sparkly, beautiful morning here today....10ยบ! We were warmer here in our valley than most of the surrounding areas! Warm being relative, of course :)