Thursday, January 03, 2008


I don't like the cold and neither does my bus. Yesterday it started hard. Then my brakes were frozen so it would not move. One of the mechanics broke it loose for me. The temperature was in the teens and I picked up two kids without coats and one wearing flip flops. The temperature dropped all day so the furnace has been running almost non-stop. We had the water line freeze once last month so we left the water running in the sinks over night. Does the sound of running water effect anyone else like it does me!?

This morning the guys started my bus early for me so the engine was warm but one of the main circuit boards was frozen leaving me with no lights, or wipers and the door would only work manually. I drove it into a repair bay and they thawed it out (our guys are the best!) but I was 4 minutes late starting out. All of the kids had at least hoodies and sneakers on. I got held up at my third stop which delayed me a couple more minutes. Most of the kids had gone back in so I kept getting later. The kid at my last stop has a very long driveway so he was frozen by the time I got to him :(
(In Syracuse buses were running 30 minutes late because so many wouldn't start. Only four of us had problems with our buses this morning. At eight minutes I was the latest. Did I say our guys are the best!?)

I don't mess around when it gets cold! I layer. Flannel lined pants, thick wool socks, turtle neck under an over-sized sweatshirt, fleece lined boots, new coat, wool hat and warm gloves. I took a bit of razzing from a couple of co-workers but I am certain that I was warmer than they were!

There was just a hint of pink in the sky when I got home.

Oddly this year, we have not been racking up the snow totals this year and I'm not complaining! At least not yet. What we had in December mostly melted so we're not in bad shape now. This butterfly bush at the edge of the garden is pretty right now.

So what is the forecast for the next few days?
Is this unbelievable or what? I'll take it!


  1. I agree, the temperature fluctuation is UNBELIEVABLE!

    I wonder why they don't close school when it gets so cold? I'd think they would, since there are so many mechanical problems, and they seem consistent enough... never understood the reasons for school cancellations, lol...

    STAY WARM! It's taking a lot to heat our house, too. I'm looking forward to those 40s and 50s. That's more my style!

  2. Anonymous7:26 PM

    I'll swap a couple of your cold days for a couple of our scorchers. It was up around 42 Celcius again yesterday. (Over 107 degrees Fahrenheit)

  3. Up there, they would never open it would they if they closed it when it was cold. LOL... I went to school in an area like that.

    It is cold here too, but nothing like your version. We don't even have any snow. I was running late this morning too, but only 3 minutes.