Sunday, January 06, 2008

Busy Weekend!

We had birthday cake yesterday for John. Everybody came at different times. Bean & PJ's visits overlapped a little so that the kids did get to play together for awhile. All Liz wanted to do all afternoon was to use PJ's phone to send text messages. BJ and the boys came later because they had to help set up the gym for Alex's first wrestling tournament.

This morning we went to the tournament. When I first entered the gym the noise was just overwhelming and it was packed! Mike found us as soon as we got there and showed us where Alex was. His first match started shortly after we arrived. He was pinned almost immediately and came off of the mat in tears. You could clearly see marks on his neck and collarbone.

An hour later, his second match went much better. He lost again but he lasted all three rounds and scored some points with no further injury! Yea!

It was almost another hour until match three. I went down an sat right on the edge of the mat with him for the match before his. Knowing very little about wrestling and keeping in mind that he is only 5 I told him to wiggle and roll and sent him out onto the mat. And he promptly got hurt again! I have to say that the ref was great. He stopped play and was checking on Alex before Angie and I knew he was hurt. This is how he came off of the may so we weren't really sure what was wrong. Turns out he took a knee to the chin and bit through his lower lip.

He would have been quite content to stay with his mom and get sympathy but the coach took him to the scoring table for some quick first aid.

He was quickly back out on the mat with what appeared to be a little smirk! Several times during the match he came close to being pinned and Angie and I would both yell, "roll Alex!" and he did. He scored 4 points in this match.

Point wise the match wasn't even close but he went all three rounds again. The father of the other boy came over and congratulated him on a good match and told him the the other boy has been wrestling since he was 3! so Alex shouldn't feel bad. I thought that was very nice of him.

This is another sport that isn't for me. There is only one tournament on a Saturday so that BJ can take him. I don't know how many more I'll go to. Why don't they have ping-pong leagues for this age group!


  1. I am flabbergasted that they start kids this young in wrestling. Wow.

  2. Given the choice between wrestling and TaeKwonDo I would much prefer TaeKwonDo - especially for kids that young.

    Have a blessed day.

  3. I'm with you on the ping pong! Wrestling at 3 years old? They're still babies at 3!
    I wouldn't be able to watch. Wrestling has never been my cup of tea, but I couldn't bare watching 5 yr olds do this. You know how mothers literally feel their kid's pain? I'd be in pain all the time!
    A very happy birthday to John!
    I hope you have a wonderful school year Apple. Happy and Safe driving :)