Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Great Start to the Week!

Winter's back and the roads were a bit slick yesterday. I hadn't gotten much sleep between hot flashes and a cold. So of course that was the day they had picked for my annual defensive driving test. I don't know what got into my kids but as a group they were very good, with just a couple acting up so that I could show my skill at managing students while driving. I had no faults and don't have to worry about testing for another year as the behind the wheel test is biennial and I took that last year. Now the head driver thinks I have an easy route. LOL

When I got home I could here air leaking out of a tire so John put air in it and it seemed OK this morning. It wasn't totally flat by the time I got to work. One of the guys checked it for me and assured me I could get to the local tire shop with it. I got there to find they'd opened late and hadn't started the wood stove. It was just as cold inside as out. Which is just as well since they had to work on it outside. I was assured that it would only be about 10 minutes and I'd be on my way. Yeah, right. Did I mention that it was still snowing today and COLD? After several trips in and out to get a jack, an air hose and various tools it turned out I'd picked up a screw so he decided to fix it right on the car. This was about the 20 minute mark. He finally wrenched the screw out and then started to jam a large awl into the tire! I've never seen anyone fix a tire before. So, the tire is still on the car and he can't get the awl back out. Now he needs the power tool that takes the lug nuts off. He finds that, they came right off and then he stood up and started kicking the tire like a man possessed. I had no idea what had made him so suddenly angry but I was a bit concerned because we were the only ones there. He stopped kicking, now perfectly calm and went inside. He came back out with a sledgehammer! Uhoh. It made quite a racket as he banged away muttering about how bad the day was starting. He stopped banging and slid the tire right off. - I'm very glad I didn't have to try to change the tire myself on the side of the road! - So he was able to get the awl back out. Then he put the plug stuff on the awl but since he was holding the awl with one hand and balancing the tire with the other I had to put the glue on. After a total of 45 minutes I was back in my warm car and on my way home. Oh, the joys of country living.

OK, that wasn't so great. But after I got home and warmed up I checked my email and found that TK of Before My Time had left a comment on a post at Apple's Tree.
Woohoo, Apple! Your Ruby Camfield is the Featured Page this week on WeRelate's home page, how cool is that!
That is very cool indeed and I am tickled pink! I might have missed it if TK hadn't pointed it out. WeRelate is a wiki for linking family trees. It also allows me to add pictures, biographical information and notes. I'm especially pleased that they picked my Aunt Ruby's page to feature as she was very special to all of her nieces and nephews.

Let's hope the good keeps outweighing the bad this week!


  1. It's not much fun having the cold and snow back, is it? We get spoiled quickly by a bit of warmer weather.
    You're so good at telling a story, especially a funny one :) The tire episode doesn't sound like fun. I'd like to have been there to see your face when he brought out the sledgehammer. Glad the day worked out well in the end. Having your article featured is very cool!

  2. I can laugh now but I wasn't then! I imagine I had a deer caught in headlights expression.

    I'm hating the return to cold. With the arctic cold we're supposed to get this week you may be subjected to a picture of my hat!

  3. I just came back after reading your article about Aunt Ruby, to tell you how much I enjoyed it...and here you are talking to me :)
    Ross was just saying he's done the sledgehammer thing too :)
    I'm really looking forward to the picture of you in your hat. If I can do it, so can you! :)
    It was none too warm out today!
    Great job with the article. She sounded like a fine lady.

  4. Your article on Aunt Ruby was great, I can see why it got featured! She is someone with no children that is remembered by so many! I still love to hear Mom tell about Santa coming to see them every year but poor Aunt Ruby always missing him! She was a great person!