Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Two Quiet Days

I went back to work after the long weekend yesterday. They had only gotten about 6" there, so clearing the bus was no problem. The roads were in good shape and most of the high school kids are getting rides if they have to go because it is Regent's tests week.

Alex had wrestling practice yesterday so we had just three for dinner. We were both tired and they wanted to play games on the computers so we let them. I'd rather that they did something a little more educational online. Mike is old enough to start learning to email and to write posts for the family blog. He does do some research online for school projects at home. There are some educational games but of course those aren't the ones they want to play. Liz and I did play a couple of games of SORRY!

We watched the weather forecast last night and they weren't very specific about where the snow was going to go so we got up early this morning just in case. We only got an inch. The snow stayed to the north. I feel bad for the folks up there, they got as much as us over the weekend and it's been snowing there all day today.

John had a hard time raking the roof because there was so much and it had settled. He worked on it over two days. Digging the mailbox out was a chore to. I'm hoping we don't get any more than a foot at a time for the rest of the winter.

I stopped along the river for a few minutes on my way home tonight. Not a spectacular sunset but the clouds were interesting.

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  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog - and about the word picture. I was so hoping the words would describe the scene adequately.

    Have a blessed day.