Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Slipping, Sliding and Twisting

Today was a crazy day. The forecast was for light, spotty, freezing rain. It started to sprinkle just as I left the lot. A half hour later the radio started to go crazy with drivers calling in with reports of deteriorating roads. I had a kid fall on the way to the bus and kids were falling on the sidewalks at the school. Just after I dropped my secondary students off we went on a one hour delay, as did all of the surrounding districts. The general public started playing bumper cars right about then. The sanders and salters did a great job and the roads were OK by the time we went back out. The driveways and sidewalks weren't. More kids slipping around. Somehow our sander overlooked the drivers parking lot so getting back to my car was interesting. One of the women in my car pool fell two steps from her door.

Tonight was the first time in weeks that we had all four kids together and they were wild. The only meal that all of them will eat without complaint is pizza. We had chicken nuggets. They decided to play SORRY after fighting over who would go first Alex pitched a fit every time it was his turn because nobody would let him cheat so he could slide. So a movie. They picked Robots and I really like that one - until the end. At the end they want to do the Robot dances. Four kids dancing wildly in my small livingroom can be a bit scary to watch but the had a ball.


  1. Those pictures are so cute. My youngest daughter turned 16 so it's been a while since I had such babes in the house!

  2. O.K. Second attempt at a comment - so glad you were safe. Have to love it when delays aren't called until after you have actually started driving! This morning wasn't bad here - especially considering we had a 50' drop in temperature. Yesterday morning was much slicker than this morning.

    Have a great safe day!

  3. We've had the freezing cold and rain too. Most un-California like :)
    Your grandchildren eating and playing together reminds me of all the times my brothers and I gathered with my cousins at our Grandma and Grandpa's house.
    These days we gather around his bedside and remember those very wonderful times.
    Keep doing what you're doing as you're making such precious memories.

  4. I just cheked out that snowy looking post from Jan. 21. I was wondering where all the snow was going. We have absolutely nothing here and haven't had much to speak of in quite some time.

    The grandkids are great! I am looking forward to having a bunch of my own some day. Then I can be a kid again!

  5. You & John are good eggs the way you have the kids over.
    They sound so typical :)
    I'm glad you got pics of them dancing :)
    Sounds like lots of fun, bet you were tired though!
    Was it slippery again up there today? I was happy to stay home!