Sunday, February 24, 2008

Laughter is the Best Medicine

I spent well over two hours this morning fixing a a problem on the Training Team blog. To say I was feeling a bit crabby would be an understatement. Jasia at Creative Gene had the fix for me! She had a link to the funniest piece I have read in ages! I laughed until tears formed.

If you need a good laugh too head over to Old Picture of the Day and read this!


  1. Thanks for that link Apple. What a great story! I'm still shaking my head at the mind picture it creates. Still chuckling too :)
    Hasn't the sunshine been great?

  2. Oh, dear, I laughed so hard I about died. We have had calves, goats, lambs, bunnies and baby chicks in the house, but the closest the horses have ever been permitted was front hooves on the porch while begging for bread. What a great story! Thanks