Monday, May 19, 2008

The Little Drummer Boy

Mike had his first band concert tonight. He is in the percussion group so he was at the very rear of the stage where we couldn't see him but they had a photo-op before the performance began. He shares my love of music. I was a bit disappointed that he didn't pick a woodwind instrument because I can play them and could have helped him. But his father, aunt and uncle didn't pick them either - they play trombone and trumpet. I guess we could have our own band ;-)

For a beginning band they did very well. There were only a couple of squeaks and everyone stayed together.

After the band portion of the concert was done the chorus took the stage. Like me, Mike is vertically challenged so he was right in front. The kids seemed to really enjoy themselves.

Today felt more like late winter than mid spring with cold temperatures, clouds and showers all day. The weather appears to be clearing and we were rewarded with a pretty sunset on our way home.


  1. It's always such fun to watch our grands perform, isn't it! It's nice they offer music in school.
    CA public schools no longer do that :(
    Love your sunset pic..

  2. Love the sunset picture. What grade is Mike in? My oldest has his last concert of the school year tonight.

    Have a great day.

  3. Isn't it special to see the beginning bands? Way to go to your son! My son is in percussion, too. (after two years of trumpet..go figure) Those concerts are priceless!

  4. I used to enjoy the band concerts and choir too. Andrew played trumpet for a couple of years and then wanted to play the drums. We said no to that because we couldn't bear the thought of a drum set in the little house where we lived at the time. Mean parents we were :) But he took piano lessons for a while, and you should've heard the way he thumped on that! :)